Preferred Series 7025 / 12AX7 Review

Review – Preferred Series 7025 / 12AX7 Tube

The Preferred Series 7025 is a great sounding 12AX7 tube type that reminds me a little more of the ECC83 that EI made in the old days. That’s a pretty nice compliment. I compared this tube against an old EI and Telefunken smooth plate and there was very little difference. Lots of gain with a rather low noise floor. No microphonics issues at all. Very good considering the large plate size. Spot welding may be better for microphonics than crimped plates. I tried it in all the standard guitar amp duties and it was fine. Fabulous in Blackface Fender amps. We tried this 7025 in a 66 Vibrolux reverb 2×10 combo and the tones were all there. Light and shimmering or really aggressive, it’s all good.

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