The Art of Listening

The Art of Listening – Documentary Film

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The Art of Listening – Documentary Film

Have you ever considered the many arts that go into the music we play and listen to?  There are more stages and craftsmanship required than we often think about to get to the final product.  Even before the idea has formed in the composers mind, there are artists designing and building the instruments that may provide the inspiration.  There are musicians, technicians and engineers all working together to develop pieces that will touch the hearts and souls of the listener.  Finally we have audio equipment designed to most accurately replicate the tones for the end listener.

In “The Art of Listening ” filmmakers Micheal Coleman and Emmanuel Moran, take us on a journey into the depths of creation, expression, and listening of music.  We hope you enjoy this film as much as we did and keep your eyes and ears peeled for some really fantastic guitars, amplifiers, recording equipment and audiophile gear.

“The Art of Listening is a documentary film about the journey music takes to reach a listener’s ear, from the intent of an instrument maker and composer, to the producers and engineers who capture and preserve an artist’s voice. This journey is narrated by intimate conversations with artists, engineers and producers about the philosophy of their work and the intent behind each musical note they create.

This film is an invitation for music fans to rediscover the intricacies and details available in their favorite recordings. The Art of Listening is the beginning of a conversation of how the quality of our listening experiences define the medium.”

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  1. Josh
    Josh at |

    The video is now unavailable. Not sure how long it’s been down.

  2. Daniel @ thetubestore
    Daniel @ thetubestore at |

    Thank-you for notifying us, the link to the video has been updated.

  3. Chris Carson
    Chris Carson at |

    Boy oh boy. After playing the analog/digital game for many years, I’m done. 😉 My last effort, after bringing my digital chain to a very good place with a network bridge and DDC, from my computer to my R2R DAC, crushing my poor analog chain, was to talk to Bob, at Bob’s Devices. I needed my analog chain upgraded.

    Now I have largely followed his instructions, and have a stunning analog chain that completely crushes my digital chain. Its a silly game but produces wonderful results. So I have a Rega P3 franken turntable, modded to the moon. at about X dollars. I have a Hana ML about 1.5X the stock P3 price and my amplification is about 3X with a Bob’s Devices SKY 20 SUT and a Sunvalley SV-EQ1616D and some nice wires.

    Its so much better than my digital chain that I look for music that is AAA and nothing else now. I have a lot of music and one copy of Zappa’s “Tinsel Town Rebellion” as an analog pressing and one as a digital remaster. As well I have the 24/96 version I bought from HD Tracks. The analog recording is great. The digital remaster not so much. The DAC they used to cut the record is nowhere near as good as my present DAC, and that tells the story really.

  4. soundcloud to mp3
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    wow, that’s great. I am a music lover, this movie has based on music to write a meaningful story.


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