Birth of the Shuguang EL34

Birth Of The Shuguang EL34-B Vacuum Tube

3:00 pm

During a recent visit to China we dropped by the Shuguang tube factory located in the city of Changsha, Province of Hunan.  On every visit to the factory we ask to take photos and video and they usually say no or limit what is captured. However, each time they relent a little more and this time we captured some of the manufacturing process of their EL34B tube production line.  The following three videos show the behind the scenes process of building the EL34 vacuum tube from start to finish.  This process is very similar to most common vacuum tube types in production today.

Part one shows workers meticulously constructing the internal assembly.

In part two things really get hot as they turn up the heat for the bottle sealing phase.

Finally we end with flashing of the getter which completes the vacuum tube production process.

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  1. Ivan Perrone
    Ivan Perrone at |

    Excelente vídeo trabalho primoroso de altíssima qualidade.
    Lamentável não termos um representante aqui no Brasil isso dificulta muito pois com o dólar em alta fica difícil completarmos nossos projetos as peças chegam aqui com valores absurdos mas as taxas de importação.

  2. Todd Giiliam
    Todd Giiliam at |

    Very cool video’s. Thanks for sharing!

  3. George
    George at |

    I just love everything about vacuum tubes, even the way they are made. Thanks for the behind the scenes sneak peek.

  4. bob barcus
    bob barcus at |

    Thanks I love watching tubes being made..I wonder if that girl made some of mine….

  5. Roger
    Roger at |

    My favorite audio tube!

  6. Olivier Le Roux
    Olivier Le Roux at |

    Thank you for your regular news of the tube world , they are very instructive .
    I read them with pleasure . I had no idea of the making of radio-tubes .
    I even find those films a bit short , it would have been interesting to see how the plates and grids are assembled and fitted into the glass cases …
    Anyway thank you ,
    Olivier Le Roux , France

  7. Dave Partridge
    Dave Partridge at |

    Not sure if this is the proper site for my question, if not I apologize…
    I just bought a “Yaqin MC 84L Intergrated 12 watt per channel amplifier, and would like some advise on buying 2 Pairs of Matched Sets of 6BQ5`s (EL84`s)…
    What would be your suggestion for a this type of amplifier (4 -EL84`s 2 per side) and 2- 12AX7`s…
    *Are the 12AX7`s important to match in sets (Pairs) …???
    I would just like to give my new low powered tube amp the best start it can get…
    Thanks for any suggestions…

    1. Jon @ thetubestore
      Jon @ thetubestore at |

      Hello Dave,

      There are many good choices for your amp. Because this isn’t the best place to discuss this in detail I’ll narrow it down quickly. I suggest Preferred Series 7189 power tubes, which will provide the most headroom and keep your amp cleaner/clearer when pushed hard. For the 12AX7 tubes, yes they will make a big difference. If your budget allows, the reissue Genalex/Gold Lion ECC83/B759 tubes are excellent.
      For more details or suggestions send our staff an email.

  8. Dave Partridge
    Dave Partridge at |

    Thanks Jon…
    I ordered the tubes as suggested…
    Can`t wait to listen anew…

  9. Edge
    Edge at |

    Excellent capture behind the scenes. And yes, happiness is a warm tube if you love Vinyl, monoblocks, and playing in a band with all analog equipment! Thanks for your efforts. Edge~

  10. Chris Church
    Chris Church at |

    The best possible customer service from true professionals. You want tubes buy from these guys want a headache ? Buy from some a music store. tests all the power tubes before you get them making sure the quality is good and that they are properly matched. Music store takes them out of cardboard box and puts price tag on them 😉 shop where the repair shops like me get our tubes from…

    Chris Church
    Church Audio amp repairs

  11. Djinn89
    Djinn89 at |

    Hello, Just wanted to ask a question. Is it true that this Shuguang EL34B tube is ‘not’ a true power pentode like the classical european el34s? Are these tubes a beam tetrode like GE/Sylvania 6CA7?

    1. Jon @ thetubestore
      Jon @ thetubestore at |

      Yes, according to the manufacturer it is a beam tetrode.

  12. JoeL
    JoeL at |



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