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Know Your Amp Bias

Know Your Bias

1:53 pm
Different Types of Amp Bias Just like the idle of your car may need adjusting when a major change is done to the engine, new power tubes need their idle (the “bias”) adjusted to make…

Introducing Chris Hau

2:08 pm
Riffing and Ripping best describe the Chris Hau brand. He’s a young song-writer, musician and producer of his own music and videos. He’s managed to cut through and get himself on NBC’s The Today Show,…
Tube PedalsTube Pedals - Surprise Sound Lab Rock Block

True Vacuum Tube Overdrive Pedals

5:00 pm
From the Klon Centaur to the Tube Screamer to the Maxon TOD-9 and all of the clones and reissues, there are hundreds of options for the guitar player who wants to explore the wonderful world…