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Know Your Amp Bias

Know Your Bias

1:53 pm
Different Types of Amp Bias Just like the idle of your car may need adjusting when a major change is done to the engine, new power tubes need their idle (the “bias”) adjusted to make…

Introducing Chris Hau

2:08 pm
Riffing and Ripping best describe the Chris Hau brand. He’s a young song-writer, musician and producer of his own music and videos. He’s managed to cut through and get himself on NBC’s The Today Show,…
Tube PedalsTube Pedals - Surprise Sound Lab Rock Block

True Vacuum Tube Overdrive Pedals

5:00 pm
From the Klon Centaur to the Tube Screamer to the Maxon TOD-9 and all of the clones and reissues, there are hundreds of options for the guitar player who wants to explore the wonderful world…
sonic L22 Traveler Guitar

Traveler Guitar – Spotlight

11:43 pm
NAMM 2015 was packed full of interesting products.  Many were great but some were especially cool.  One that stood out to us was Traveler Guitar. Traveler Guitar started out in the early ’90’s and has…