12AX7, 7025 and 5751 Tubes

12AX7, 5751 and 7025 tube reviews by John Templeton. These reviews are a vital resource for learning about manipulating your amplifier’s tone through better tube choices.

Northern Electric 12AX7 Review

Review – Northern Electric 12AX7

4:10 pm
It’s not often that something truly special comes along. The Northern Electric 12AX7 is brand new and exclusive to thetubestore. This is not something that came along overnight. We have been developing and testing this…
Svetlana 12AX7 Review

Review – Svetlana 12AX7

4:14 pm
For several years the original Svetlana 12AX7 tube from St. Petersburg (Winged “C”/SED) tried to develop a good 12AX7 and mostly failed. The current production Svetlana 12AX7 is a New Sensor product and is a…