EL34 / 6CA7 / KT77 Tubes

EL34 tube reviews by John Templeton. These reviews are a vital resource for learning about manipulating your amplifier’s tone through better tube choices.

Mullard EL34 Vacuum Tube Review

Review – Mullard EL34

10:45 am
One of the most famous brands in the history of vacuum tubes now belongs to a different entity. Not unlike Tung-Sol and Gold Lion, this is a newish tube with an old name. Fortunately, the…
Tung-Sol EL34B Vacuum Tube Review

Review – Tungsol EL34B

4:53 pm
Tungsol EL34B – The Tungsol EL34B vacuum tube is likely to become the #1 choice of currently produced EL34 power tubes. The build construction is great all around and the move to welded plates will…
Svetlana EL34 Vacuum Tube Review

Review – Svetlana EL34

4:50 pm
The Svetlana EL34 is the perfect tube for classic rock. The midrange is very pronounced and the high end is smooth. The bottom end response is not the best, but in a guitar amp it…
Shuguang EL34B Vacuum Tube Review

Review – Shuguang EL34-B

4:46 pm
For many years no one would have believed that Chinese tube factories could turn out work of this quality. The construction of this Shuguang EL34-B tube is first class, with a well-supported plate structure that…
JJ KT77 Vacuum Tube Review

Review – JJ KT77

4:43 pm
The KT77 has been gone for many years and original NOS pieces are rare and expensive. JJ electronics has revived the design and released their own version, JJ KT77. To my ears it sounds a…
JJ EL34-II Vacuum Tube Review

Review – JJ EL34-II

4:37 pm
JJ has upped their game with the new JJ EL34-II, and the design change is truly big enough to warrant the use of the new name. Many companies put an existing tube into a new…
JJ E34L Vacuum Tube Review EL34

Review – JJ E34L / EL34

4:35 pm
Are you a fan of rock and roll music? If you answered yes and use EL34 tubes then this could be, your go-to bargain. JJ makes great tubes at affordable prices and the JJ E34L…