Tube Reviews

Our tube reviews are written by third parties who are not employees of or any of the manufacturers that are reviewed. These reviews are a vital resource for learning about manipulating your amplifier’s tone through better tube choices.

Electro-Harmonix 12AX7 Review

Review – Electro-Harmonix 12AX7

4:27 pm
These Electro-Harmonix 12AX7 are not relabelled Sovtek 12AX7-LPS tubes. There is a marked difference in construction and performance. The 12AX7 EH has a nice balanced sound, fairly low noise floor and excellent performance in terms…
Tung-Sol 12AX7 Review

Review – Tung-Sol 12AX7

4:24 pm
There are only so many ways to describe tube tone and most have become cliches. The Tung-Sol 12AX7 has the gain and drive of a Chinese 12AX7 and the pure tone of a Mullard or…

Review – Sovtek 6L6WXT+ Tube

4:33 pm
Guitar-cable-amplifier. If this describes the rig you use, then the Sovtek 6L6WXT+ is one of two modern tubes you should consider. This is not a repackaged 5881. Extremely low noise and a lack of microphonics combine…

Review – Sovtek 5881WXT Tube

4:13 pm
Solid construction and good performance. While not outstanding, the Sovtek 5881WXT is probably the most commonly used tube of its type. Many amp manufacturers have been using these reliable workhorses as original equipment components. A…

Review – JJ 6L6GC Tube

2:59 pm
Big, open, articulate; these are the words that came into my head when listening to the JJ 6L6GC tubes. The build quality is very rugged with thick glass and a well supported plate assembly. Perhaps…