Tube Reviews

Our tube reviews are written by third parties who are not employees of or any of the manufacturers that are reviewed. These reviews are a vital resource for learning about manipulating your amplifier’s tone through better tube choices.

Mullard 6L6GC Vacuum Tube

Review – Mullard 6L6GC Tube

4:17 pm
First off, I should state that Mullard never produced a 6L6GC. This is not a reissue, but a brand new tube. The closest Mullard made in England would be the KT66 and KT77. Physically, this…
Northern Electric 12AX7 Vacuum Tube Review

Review – Northern Electric 12AX7

4:10 pm
It’s not often that something truly special comes along. The Northern Electric 12AX7 is brand new and exclusive to thetubestore. This is not something that came along overnight. We have been developing and testing this…
Mullard EL34 Vacuum Tube Review

Review – Mullard EL34

10:45 am
One of the most famous brands in the history of vacuum tubes now belongs to a different entity. Not unlike Tung-Sol and Gold Lion, this is a newish tube with an old name. Fortunately, the…
Tung-Sol EL34B Vacuum Tube Review

Review – Tungsol EL34B

4:53 pm
Tungsol EL34B – The Tungsol EL34B vacuum tube is likely to become the #1 choice of currently produced EL34 power tubes. The build construction is great all around and the move to welded plates will…