Gigging Musicians

Pedal Board/ tips on building pedals

Pedal by Number

3:08 pm
A lot of us want to build our own amps, but the prospect can be daunting and it can be expensive buying high quality kits or parts. A good way to build confidence and learn…
Telecaster headstock/ guitarist practicing tone

Practicing Tone

11:35 am
(The following blog is a supplement to our Tone PodCast below) Guitarists spend a great deal of time practicing licks and learning tunes, trying to become the best players that we can be, but we…
Swiss Border Guard/ Travel tips for internationally touring Musicians

Papers, Please

2:16 pm
About once every two years or so, I pack up my traveling rig and head out for a few weeks of touring in Europe, mostly in Switzerland. It’s great to be able to live the…
bar sign/ packing tips for traveling musicians

Keep it Small

3:45 pm
If you’ve ever tried to board a plane with a guitar as a carry-on then you know it can be difficult. Attempting to bring an entire band over to Europe on an independent label budget…