Cerebral Tones – 12 Amazing Benefits of Music

3:47 pm

We have been very focused on stories recently which cover the many benefits of music on our body and soul. Wouldn’t you know that music appears to have a positive effect on those parts of our brain we would not have imagined. Those areas we consider more rational and logical.

Here are a few things that we found most interesting in the findings. We are music lovers, we confess. We’re also major proponents of the warm sounds created by analogue gear and tube amps. This great article from mic.com makes a very strong case for playback quality and they have discovered; it really matters. Music played on vinyl creates a 66% more positive experience than digital.

Further, the practice and playing of music has a profound effect on what they call executive functions, things like:

  • The ability to retain information
  • The ability to regulate behavior
  • The ability to solve problems and
  • Is a strong predictor of academic achievement

And, for all you parents out there still wondering if making the kids practice is worth it? The evidence suggests that children who learn music boast, thicker grey matter this is a good thing) and more importantly, better left and right brain synchronization. Simply put, they tend to be more “well balanced” in their abilities.

There are some other great tidbits on sexual attraction, memory retention and complex reasoning but we will leave that to you to discover for yourself. Once again this makes the case that if you are going to listen, listen well.

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