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  1. Jim
    Jim at |

    Thanks for that I live in Blackburn and up until recently rented offices on the old Millard site but I didn’t have any knowledge ofmallards background

  2. Phil
    Phil at |

    Excellent Millard history , Valve components

  3. Jason
    Jason at |

    Any chance Mullard factory made and labeled for Amperex?
    I have a 6AS7 tube that is engraved as Amperex but says made in England

    1. Sam Reed
      Sam Reed at |

      Mullard and Amperex were both owned by Philips, along with Valvo, Miniwatt, and others.

  4. Ern
    Ern at |

    So is it the opposite possible? I mean, a Mullard tube made by Philips and labeled like Mullar “made in England”
    I have bid a Mullard pair labeled like “Made in England”, but I haven’t received them yet.

    I don’t know why the label don’t say “Made in Great Britian”
    Any chance they were made by Philips and labeled like Mullard “made in England”?
    Or may be they could be a fake Mullard?

    I have no idea about this matter.
    Thanks for your attention.

  5. Peter Taylor
    Peter Taylor at |

    Interesting film; I started at Blackburn in ’68 as an apprentice tool-maker and worked in many of the departments shown so more than a few of those machines were familiar to my much younger self!

  6. Americo
    Americo at |

    A Mullard é fabricada em que país!!!!
    Onde posso comprar ECC 88/6DJ8/6922
    Obrigado pela atenção dispensada e aguardo resposta urgente para comprar


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