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  1. Anders Long
    Anders Long at |

    Thank you Mr. Templeton, this is one of the best article I’ve read regarding an amp style ( single ended Class A, 10-15 watts, 5F6-A cathode follower) that after playing for 35 years, is my favorite. I’m a woodworker, not an electronics whiz by a long shot, but have by trial and error done a few mods on my amps over the years. Question: Do you ever build any of these to sell?
    Thanks again,
    Anders ( Eugene Oregon)

    1. Jon @ thetubestore
      Jon @ thetubestore at |

      Mr. Templeton is not building these amplifiers at this time.

  2. Walter
    Walter at |

    After selling my Selmer Truvoice
    Selector Tone Automatic and shipping it today, I’ve got to figure something out. I’ve loved the sound of the ef86 since I was a matchless rep in 93, I had 5 matchlesses at one point and 30
    Vintage ef86s I remember telling everyone how amazing they sound. Matchless amps ( vox too )
    Had only one ef. But the Selmer had 2! If you dig in while playing the curve of gain and break up was glorious. I have a 66 deluxe Reverb that I’m thinking about modding to change a 12ax7 to
    An EF, has anyone done that?

    Thanks Walter

  3. Ken Baker
    Ken Baker at |

    As a cowboy amp builder who had a couple of E F 86 s just knocking about i thought i would give it a go and add one to the front end of my home made push pull amp x E C C 83 x E L 84. It was well worth it the input sensitivity goes up a lot and it just sounds a lot better a richer sound. I put it on a bracket inside the amp with vent holes above it. I had no room on top it but they do not seem to get that hot anyway. The E F 86 is a good idea as an add on.


  4. Alberto Plasencia
    Alberto Plasencia at |

    2 questions.

    1- there are two diagrams, the one on the 2nd chapter differs from the diagram in the 3rd chapter. which one is the “as-built” version?

    2- would you mind posting a BOM and the relation of each material with the diagram? i’m trying to do it on my own but i will make a mistake for sure…

    best regards!!

  5. Ralph Thompson
    Ralph Thompson at |

    Can this be used for a turntable preamp?

  6. Pierre Lessard
    Pierre Lessard at |

    John, how how you’ll think this tube amp can cost in parts ?

    1. John
      John at |

      It depends if you can source any salvage parts or if you’re going all new. I’d bet around $250 all new parts would be a reasonable estimate.

  7. Pierre Lessard
    Pierre Lessard at |

    How much ?

  8. Bob
    Bob at |

    Great tip about trying to find an amp with distorted sound. I need one with 8 ohm output. I’ll have to look around for some used one for cheaper options.


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