How It's Made Omnidirectional Speakers

How It’s Made – Omnidirectional Speakers

10:53 am

Venture to any audio show and you are bound to see an abundance of speaker technology and designs that look more like art than anything.  However when it comes right down to it, sound is the most important factor.  Just like with tubes, there is no one design that is the end all be all in the speaker world.  Everything from stereo components, room shape/size, furniture, and your own ear come into play when selecting the right speakers for your needs.  If you have a very large space and prefer to enjoy your music from every angle than Omni-dirrectional might be for you.

This How It’s Made episode features MBL omnidirrectional speakers from Germany. They have been producing audio components for over 30 years that are both functional and beautiful though the price is not for the faint of heart.

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    Attend any audio event, and you’re sure to come across a plethora of innovative speaker technologies and designs that appear more like works of art than they do anything else.


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