Paoletti Tube Amps and Guitars – Spotlight

5:00 pm

One of the most interesting and beautiful sites we found at NAMM 2015 last month was the Wine Series of Guitars and Amplifiers by Paoletti Instruments of Montemurlo, Italy. We had a delightful chat with Davide Becherini, as he pointed out the details that make Fabrizio Paoletti’s creations stand out. The most intriguing thing to note is that their Wine Series of guitars and vacuum tube amps are made using reclaimed wood from 130 to 150 year old wine barrels from his own ancestors 19th century winery. The wood is chestnut which pleases both the ear and the eye.

Their “Brutale” 50 watt vacuum tube amplifier has a finger jointed cabinet. What makes it standout though, is its lack of tolex and instead a stained wood finish, brass studded face, and our favorite – shotgun shell volume and tone knobs!

The Paoletti guitars are made of the same reclaimed wine barrels. Similar styling in terms of brass studs, brass pickguard, and shotgun shell knobs are available options.

If you want to see Fabrizio Paoletti’s building process be sure to watch this:

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