Gold Lion KT77 Vacuum Tube Review

Review – Gold Lion KT77

4:30 pm

Gold Lion KT77 – This tube was a treat to listen to. Since many of us have never actually listened to a KT77 from the original producer, I can not say that they nailed the reproduction. You really have to think of this tube as its own entity. Here is what I can tell you about it. The Gold Lion KT77 is a drop in replacement for an EL34 or 6CA7. The sound however is not typical of an EL34 or 6CA7. It is more of a hybrid. The tube delivers all the mid punch you would expect in an EL34 but also has a top end that is more open and bright. It’s definitely got a bit of a 6L6 designed into it. I tested it in a Marshall 2205 50w head and was able to get that ’70’s rock sound but with some bias adjustment could also dial in a VOX-like chime. This really has to be looked at as a new choice in power tubes. If you have a Marshall and never could decide if 6550 or EL34 was the way to go, you now have a third option.

For audiophiles, the Genalex/Gold Lion KT77 tubes have full, yet tight and dynamic lows. They have great clarity in the mid-range as well, and extended highs. Many audiophiles that have previously enjoyed the Winged “C”/SED EL34 tubes have reported that these KT77 tubes are noticeably better.

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