Mullard CV4004 12AX7 Review

Review – Mullard CV4004 / 12AX7 Reissue

4:14 pm

This Mullard CV4004 / 12AX7 Reissue looks nothing like Mullard tubes of old but it has a lot to offer. This is a small plate design more suited to high gain amps. Old Mullard with large plate structures are sought after for audio systems because of their gain and detail. Those same attributes are the last thing you want in your Marshall stack.

The smaller plate reduces noise. They are dead quiet both electrically and mechanically. Nice thick bottles and well aligned internals also help. If you currently like the Tungsol 12AX7 you will love this tube. The gain is similar but overall it is quieter and a bit warmer to my ears.

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  1. Jamie Oakes
    Jamie Oakes at |

    Hey John drop me a line sometime. Would love to know if you still do any amp work. Hope all’s good with you. Jordan John told me you were doing amps. Cheers

  2. Caractacus Potts
    Caractacus Potts at |

    i may need additional information regarding the density and clarity of the glass surrounding the tube’s internal components as we may be using this tube to create and duplicate theoretical transformations of the gases emitted in and around the atmosphere at higher altitudes located above the watered regions of the planet with respect to the land masses and how they might contribute to the regional stability of the counter activity found within the forested areas of the southern most atmospheric pressures during the high humidity months.Can you please forward to me some literature regarding glass thickness as mentioned in the previous enramblement?


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