Sovtek 6L6WXT Vacuum Tube Review

Review – Sovtek 6L6WXT+ Tube

4:33 pm

Guitar-cable-amplifier. If this describes the rig you use, then the Sovtek 6L6WXT+ is one of two modern vacuum tubes you should consider. This is not a repackaged 5881. Extremely low noise and a lack of microphonics combine with excellent ratings for detail and harmonic content to provide an audio tube of exceptional quality. These 6L6 tubes can be used in any tube amp. Plenty of power and great tone. We have tested these tubes with plate voltages ranging from 425 to 500 volts without problem. Biasing can be set from conservative to hot; again, no real problem and great tone will be delivered from most settings.

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  1. Shane Davis
    Shane Davis at |

    Hi John, I am wondering what tubes I would buy to replace a power tube in my 100 watt EVH 5150 III head. 6L6 GC or 6L6 WXT ? I only need to replace 1 bad one. I can’t really afford to do a whole new set. Thanks for your help.


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