Perfect Pair Power Tubes

The Perfect Pair System = Higher Quality Sound

9:20 am

Look – if you’ve gone to the expense (and we know it isn’t cheap) to create an amazing sound system driven by a tube amplifier, then you ought to know about matched pairs and our Perfect Pair system. It’s a fairly simple concept, yet many people are unaware. The tips shared in this video can help you make better choices when replacing vacuum tubes.

For this and more information visit our resource page.

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  1. Victor Mazzarella
    Victor Mazzarella at |

    I have a Herron VTSp-1 tube linestage preamp. It uses 4 6922 tubes. It comes from the factory with Electro Harmonics 6922’s. I find the sound just a little thin and very slightly on the bright side of neutral. I’m looking for a set of tubes that can hopefully warm and smooth out the sound to my taste. Also looking for a pair of 6922’s for my Cary headphone amp to also warm up the sound a little.
    thanks in advance, Vic

  2. Jon @ thetubestore
    Jon @ thetubestore at |

    Hello Victor,

    I suggest you consider the NOS Russian military tubes called 6H23n-EB. You will find them at our website:

    I suspect these will work well in the Cary unit as well. If you want something much warmer, the NOS Tesla E88CC tubes are very good:


  3. Alex
    Alex at |

    Please consider not using a picture of a woman’s breasts as an advertisement for the perfect pair system. The music industry is already a place where sexism is rampant. It’s very distressing in 2015 to see objectification of women as a tool for selling audio equipment. Also it assumes that all of us “guys” reading this website are straight, virile males and that we are all in the same club. I’m not part of that club. I’m actually on this site because I like to read about tubes, because I use tubes in my amplifiers, because I care about my tone.

  4. foures
    foures at |

    je suis d accord. I agree.
    Et un client. And a customer.


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