Musical Orgasms

The Strange Phenomenon of Musical ‘Skin Orgasms’

3:29 pm

What are those chills that run down your spine when you hear that one great tune? Read all about the power of skin orgasms in this article by David Robson.

A 1991 study of professional musicians and non-musicians, for instance, found that around half of all the respondents experienced trembling, flushing and sweating, and sexual arousal in response to their favourite pieces, as well as that familiar feeling of a shiver down the spine. Such varied and potent experiences may explain the origins of the term “skin orgasm”, and indeed, many cultures openly recognize the similarities. North Indian and Pakistani Sufis have long discussed an erotic dimension to deep music listening. Even so, Loui and Harrison tend to prefer the term “frisson”, since it avoids embarrassing connotations for experimental subjects describing their experiences.Read More …

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