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The Top DIY Tube Audio Forums You Need to Visit

2:30 pm

DIY tube amp ST70 modsWhether you like to tinker around and tweak existing vacuum tube amps and preamps, make repairs, or design them from the ground up, DIY forums are critical to getting it done well. These communities share the same passion as you and have an incredible wealth and depth of knowledge.  Many members are experts and can provide insights that lesser experienced DIYers need.

Here we have compiled some of the DIY tube audio forums we frequent.

1. DIY Audio – One of the best forums for DIY audio.  Everything is covered here:  tube audio, solid-state, and loudspeakers.

2. Audio Karma – Another host for very informative forums for DIY audio.  Everything is covered here:  tube audio, solid-state, and loudspeakers.

3. DIY Tube – A forum that touches on many topics.  Vintage tube gear and modifications to vintage tube gear are popular threads.

4. DIY Audio Projects – A good general forum for a wide range of DIY tube amp projects.

5. Audio Asylum’s Tube Asylum – Are you crazy about tube DIY? Commit yourself into the Tube Asylum.

6. Head-Fi – The ultimate forum for all things headphones and earphones related.

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  1. Paul Britt
    Paul Britt at |

    Hello Jon,
    Trying to find information on a ’50s binary amplifier.
    Was this model actually marketed in quantity ?
    My first listening to ‘BINARY Sound’ was in El Paso
    in early ’50s. It was possibly the Brainard unit as a
    prototype. Tuner was T 200.
    Memory is vague at this date.
    The demonstration was focused on direct listening
    via headphones with pickup mikes separated approx.
    same as our ears. Thereby, eliminating any room acoustics
    distortions. Thus, listener now appears to be in front of
    actual orchestra instead of hearing the performance
    thru mikes in different positions. Realism !
    The designation A 200 and T 200 would indicate
    earlier models as A 100 etc. existed.
    Thanx, for any help you may offer. Paul B.


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