Xylophone Woodland Melody

Woodland Melody

10:14 am

Human imagination and ingenuity never ceases to amaze.  An incredible display of engineering and artistry went into this xylophone created by Kenjiro Matsuo of Invisible Designs Lab and wood engineer Mitsuo Tsuda for the Touch Wood SH-08C cell phone. The peaceful melody of Bach’s Cantata, BWV 147 – Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring was filmed in the woodlands of Kyushu, Japan and produced by Drill Inc. for their client NTT DoCoMo. It spans 144 feet using 413 hand cut planks from the wood of naturally fallen trees. The mallet, a single wooden ball, is powered by nothing but gravity. Construction on the hillside took 3 days and filming was done within  6 hours of a single day. The final scene was reportedly filmed 49 times to get the perfect ending.   Both the xylophone and the film are a work of art and have won the production company several awards. Released in March of 2011, just prior to the devastating earthquake and tsunami that struck the country.

Now watch the making of this masterpiece.

Created by: Invisible Designs Lab
Produced by: Drill Inc.

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