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Everything is Awesome When It Comes On Vinyl

3:41 pm

The Lego Movie took the world by storm hitting over $400 Million in global box office receipts. Emmett appealed to the masses with his double-decker couch, overpriced coffee and his unusual collection of co-stars. To top it all off there is the epic song “Everything is Awesome” which is by far the most requested song of all time by my daughter. Performed by Canadian Musicians Tegan and Sara with The Lonely Island, it’s a ridiculously catchy song that, by movies’ end, you can’t get out of your head. But it’s the Soundtrack release that has me truly excited.

Finally movies geared to children are releasing soundtracks on LP! Disney has hit the mark with both Frozen and Big Hero 6 spinning on turntables. And it doesn’t stop there. The land of My Little Pony has a character DJ Pon-3 (aka Vinyl Scratch) who communicates primarily through music and has little girls excited and asking about records. As a result there is a cardboard DJ table in my family room where imaginary mixing takes place and a record player has been added to the Christmas list. At the age of 8 my little girl wants to start her own sound system including a turntable and tube amplifier, I’m very proud.

We can only hope for a trend to develop that continues to introduce vinyls warm sounds to a new generation. The passion for records we have can now be passed onto children through the current music they love. With inexpensive turntables available, this may be the starting point for children to develop their ear for tone and become the industry’s future Audiophiles and vacuum tube enthusiasts.

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