Getting a Closer Look – X-Rays of Vacuum Tubes

11:47 am

X-rays of vacuum tubes?  Nick Veasey is a photographer that likes to do things a little differently.  Rather than using a camera, he X-rays everything.  Mentioned in an article published by Wired, Veasey has taken x-rays of several thousand items over the years.

From Wired: “Veasey is one of the few people who know how hard it is to get a crisp x-ray of a vacuum tube. For starters, the object has very little mass to absorb the radiation. And because the edges of the tube curve away from the film, the x-rays get scattered about, causing distortion. So Veasey shot this tube in a series of 10-second bursts. The succession of blasts builds up the energy necessary to capture the fine details, while their short duration keeps background radiation from clouding the picture.”

Some we found particularly interesting are below.

Amplifier Tube –


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