JJ E34L Vacuum Tube Review EL34

Review – JJ E34L / EL34

4:35 pm

Are you a fan of rock and roll music? If you answered yes and use EL34 tubes then this could be, your go-to bargain.

JJ makes great tubes at affordable prices and the JJ E34L is no exception. It is built in a very rugged package with thick glass and a welded plate assembly. Two mica spacers that feature a high number of support points at the top and bottom of the plate support the assembly.

Do not let the price of these tubes make you think they are anything but excellent. There is a tendency in the tube world to shy away from things that are reasonably priced. However, I would counter that today we need as many bargains as we can find, and this tube qualifies.

The sound of the E34L is very much a rock sound. The bass is bold and the midrange is thick. High-end response is very good but not as bright as some of the Chinese models on the market today. The compression characteristics on the E34L do not really become noticeable until you push the tube into overdrive. This allows for a little more sparkle at lower volumes and an audible thickening of the sound as the volume goes up.

This is a good tube at a great price. If you want more high-end sparkle then the JJEL34II might be a better choice for a few more dollars. If you want to rock then the JJ E34L should meet all your needs.

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