SED EL34 Vacuum Tube Review

Review – Winged “C” / SED EL34

4:55 pm

Winged “C” / SED EL34 – If you want one EL34 tube that will do anything the Winged “C”/SED EL34 tube is money well spent. There is ample bass response but it is firm and controlled. The mids are smooth and the top end shimmers. Nice swirling harmonic content. The construction of the tube is outstanding and I feel it contributes to the overall performance. Lots of clean headroom from this tube with a smooth transition into breakup. Probably great in home audio applications, but if you want raunch at lower volume levels keep reading.

Note: We’re fairly certain production of the SED Winged “C” tubes has come to an end. We have purchased as much stock as available from them that was not factory seconds. We were offered factory seconds at a lower cost however we declined. We do know these factory seconds have entered the marketplace.

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